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NCH CH R/U NCH R/U CH BGK Gotta Briar in my Boot "Briar"
OFA - Good
DOB: 05/20/14

Briar was bred by Jarrett and Allison Bell of Troy, MO Briar is a big running, hard charging dog who handles like a dream at huge distances. He is always happy! When he wakes up in the morning, he gives you the look of "What are we doing today, boss?" Whether its roading, hunting, or just yard training, Briar is all business. With a real 12 O'Clock tail he can really wow you on a find.
Out of Boot Scootin Boogie "Boots" and Kick Em Up Kimber he has more championships behind him than any vizsla. Boots is a huge running powerful dog. 7 NVA Champion, NVA National Champion, 2 time NVA National Am Champion, 2 time R/U NVA National Am Champion, and NVA National Am Champion. Kimber is a once in a life time type of dog. NVA National Champion, 2 time NVA Quail Champion, NVA National Am Champion, R/U NVA National Am Champion, VCA National Champion, 2 time VCA National Am Champion,  Kimber is one of only three dogs to ever win the VCA National Championship back to back years.
Briar loves having a job, especially when it comes to anything hunting.  His high energy, pleasing attitude transfers flawlessly into house companion in a flash.  Briar's happy go lucky attitude is sure to bring a smile to anyone's face.
NCH 2XNACH R/U NACH 7XCH Boot Scottin Boogie "Boots"
NCH NACH R/U NCH 2XCH NFC 2X NAFC FC AFC Kick Em Up Kimber "Kimber"
2018 Invite NBHA Amateur Invitational Championship Invite
2019 Runner Up NBHA Amateur Invitational Championship 
2019 National Vizsla Association Eastern Championship Champion
2019 Runner Up Nation Vizsla Association National Champion
2020 NVA Sharptail Classic Winner (Wild Bird trial)
2021 NVA National Open Champion
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Afternoon training
Wild bird hunting
Yard training
Briar at NVA Quail Championship
Briars first blue ribbon
Briar Qualified for the 2018 NBHA Amateur Invitational
Briar takes Runner up at the 2019 NBHA Amateur Invintational
Briar wins the 2019 National Vizsla Association Eastern Shooting Dog Championship
Briar takes runner-up at the 2019 National Vizsla Association National Championship
Briar wins the 2020 NVA Sharptail Classic at Namakogin Barrens WI
Briar wins the 2021 NVA National Open Championship
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